The Gateway | Terms and Conditions


1. Age Restrictions

1.1. Entry to films and events is restricted by the classification given by the British Board of Film Classification or others. We are required to refuse admission to anyone who is below the minimum age required by the relevant classification.

1.2. Anyone can be admitted to films classified as U or PG.

1.3 Children under 12 can be admitted to films classified as 12A but only if accompanied by an adult (i.e. someone over the age of 18). The responsibility for allowing a child under the age of 12 to see a 12A film rests with the accompanying adult.

1.4 We reserve the right to require you to prove your age with appropriate photographic ID if you are going to a 15 or 18 film or purchasing an alcoholic drink. If you are unable to prove your age you will be not be able to watch the film or buy an alcoholic drink. We reserve the right to ask for such proof at any time you are on our premises.

2. Online Payments


2.1 Tickets for films and events at our cinemas are sold by us at the prices displayed for the relevant performance and the amount payable for them will be debited immediately from your credit or debit card.

2.2 A confirmation email will be sent to you. The email confirmation of your booking will set out the details of the cinema tickets or event tickets purchased and the total amounts paid for your tickets and Booking Fee.

2.3 A Booking Fee will be charged per ticket and will be payable separately by you. A Booking Fee is required to cover online and website costs. By confirming your booking, you are agreeing to pay this Booking Fee to the cinema or event in addition to the price you pay to us for your cinema or event ticket.

2.4 The Booking Fee will be clearly shown at the time of booking


3. Refunds

3.1 Tickets cannot be refunded unless the film screening or event is cancelled.

3.2 Tickets cannot be swapped to an alternative screening.   

3.3 The management reserve the right to refuse admission or to eject a ticket holder. Please refer to section 5 which outlines our refusal of admission/requirement to leave.

3.4. We operate a no refund policy. In circumstances where there has been a fault on The Gateway’s part, that affects customer’s booking, a refund or complimentary ticket may be applicable.

3.5 Should you be dissatisfied with the screening, you must notify a member of staff within the first 30 minutes of the film or event starting. Refunds will not be possible if a complaint is made after this time period, unless The Gateway has to stop the film or event.


4.  General

4.1 Mobile phones must be switched off or in a silent mode before you enter the auditorium. You must not take or make calls inside the auditorium.

4.3 It is a serious criminal offence to copy or attempt to copy any film or other copyright material exhibited in any part of the cinema, punishable on conviction with an unlimited fine and imprisonment of up to a maximum of ten years. You are not permitted to bring cameras and/or recording equipment of any kind into the cinema.

4.4 Our published schedule may be subject to change at the discretion of The Gateway. 

4.5 Information regarding the show is correct at the time of publication. The Gateway cannot be held responsible for late changes to programming and casting.

4.6 We endeavour to show films and events in accordance with the programme that we advertise. However, there may be circumstances in which we are unable to comply with the advertised programme and in such cases our liability to you is limited to a full refund of the tickets purchased and the Card Booking Fee charged. We are unable to take responsibility for programme information advertised by third parties.

4.7 You must adhere with any health and safety procedures or instructions that are in place and notified to you by our staff or by notices.

4.8You must comply with the conditions on our License’s as notified to you by our staff or by notices.

4.9 The film or event will start at the published time. If you arrive late, you will be allowed access to the cinema. However, The Gateway reserves the right to choose when entry is made to minimise disruption to those watching the film or event.

4.10 No refund is given for a film which may start later than scheduled.


5.1 We reserve the right to refuse admission or require you to leave the premises without a refund if you:

5.1a behave in an anti-social or threatening or disruptive manner; or

5.1b put the safety of our customers, our employees or our property at risk; or

5.1c bring a camera or recording equipment of any kind into the cinema; or

5.1d otherwise breach these Terms.